" ...no worrying about preservatives or additives..."

October 1, 2010
I didnít used to like enjoy energy drinks. I was constantly worrying about calories, additives, preservatives and what else was mixed in with my ďcaffine fix.Ē Not to say that I didnít use them, thereís too much to do during the day and not always enough of my own energy to finish it all. I needed a healthy energy drink that could put my concerns to rest. Things changed for the better after a close friend gave me a sample of eFusjon. I liked the taste, but the best part was no worrying about preservatives or additives with eFusjon, and thatís what made the difference. So whenever I do need an energy drink, I take eFusjon without and never have to worry.

" ...healthy, tasty energy without crashing..."

October 1, 2010
I started using energy drinks to keep my competitive edge. In fact without energy drinks I couldnít keep my business prosperous because sometimes I had to make serious decisions at the oddest hours of the night. With the energy drinks I used to take I would get the energy I needed for the moment, but always suffer the consequence of a caffeine/sugar crash only a few hours later. It got to the point where neither myself nor my business could handle the rapid transitions from high to low energy levels. Taking energy drinks was taking its toll until I tried eFusjon. Not only do I enjoy the taste, but I get healthy, tasty energy without crashing. Whatever my energy need, thereís always the right kind of eFusjon and so I can succeed financially without sacrificing my physical health.

" ...Iíll never go back to energy shots..."

October 1, 2010
I work as an airport gate agent and it's a very demanding job. Every day is a struggle to deal with customers, luggage and the long hours. More ofter than not I find myself working the entire night. I would come home from work exhausted but with a full list of things to do and no energy to do them with. My first attempt at a solution was energy shots, those concentrated energy drinks in tiny bottles. For awhile they worked, but not for long. The energy was fake and only made things harder! What I needed was a source of vitality, a healthy energy drink. I thought I was suck until a coworker gave me one of here eFusjon drinks. I love exotic fruits so having those is a plus, but the fact that I really got healthy energy like it says was amazing. Now I can do my job and what I need to at home. I can't imagine things without my eFusjon.

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